It’s simple actually. We’re assistants who work virtually. Fa’ real, there is no further mystery.

Since we won’t be popping into your office on the daily, it’s a given that we’re probably only going to be a match made in heaven if you work remotely yourself or have a bunch of digital tasks to outsource.

Who is we?

Love bargains?! Well, what if l told you that you’d have two assistants at your disposal for the price of one? Shadley and l (Ashleigh) are a tag-team tying the knot in 2017. He’s mostly behind the scenes making sure l can keep my promises but we’re very happy to offer you twice as much dedication and hard work by joining your crew as a unit!

What on earth is Dalasini?

Glad you asked! Dalasini is the Swahili translation of the word CINNAMON. It’s one of our favourite things to add to…everything! Chai spice tastes great and has several health benefits. Similarly, we have a bunch of tricks up our sleeve to keep the administrative culture within your biz fresh and flavourful.

What kind of tricks?

Unlike some of our peers, we use a mix of traditional and modern methodology to make light work of your to-do list. Yes, we can automate this and get a plugin for that – but we also like to put pen-to-paper and provide a personal and human touch.

Before you  pile on the pressure…

As entrepreneurs we truly love our work. Not only does it give us ample opportunity to help (that’s what we are here for) but it also serves us quite well. We have room to explore other creative interests and foster a work environment that we believe in.

Usually personal assistants get quite a bad wrap – they work really hard and often fall through the cracks when it comes to respect and fair treatment. It must be said that we didn’t venture off on our own to reinact “Devil wears Prada” (love that movie!), so we have a bunch of guidelines in place which make a very flexible and broad relationship succinct and sweet.

If you’re ready to expand your team and partner with upbeat professionals to create a new (administrative) normal, we would love to hear from you.



Ashleigh Davids